Do you own room that may utilize a ceiling fan? Adding a ceiling fan on your own is relatively easy, if you are merely replacing a light fixture that is already in the correct location. Because a ceiling fan requires the same cabling as your light fixture, the only major thing that requires to be done is to change the workbox that can handle the weight of the ceiling fan. It can be very dangerous if you do not swap your current workbox to something that can handle the added weight of the ceiling fan. Before you get started with your project, examine the directions for the fan you have purchased, and make sure that you have all of the needed tools.It is actually pretty remarkable just how much of a difference Cheap Kids Bed Sets can have, however you have to consider certain factors. If you are installing the fan on the cathedral ceiling, you may require to obtain additional parts for extending the fan down lower. Once you are prepared for the actual installation, be sure that the breaker is switched off, so no power is going to the light you are swapping. Anytime you eliminate the light fixture, verify to see if the pre-existing workbox can handle the increased weight. Most of the time, the workbox is not going to be able to take on the extra weight so you may need even more support. You could do this quite easily if you are able to access the light fixture from the attic.

To add support, you simply nail a 2x4 in between the ceiling rafters in order that it touches the top of the workbox. Be positive that the 2x4 is secured and then bolt on the box to the wood. If you do it the right way, the fan should be properly supported by the 2x4. If you are unable to do it from the attic space or you have simply no attic, you will have to add a cross bracing in your ceiling. Carrying out this is more of a challenge and may not be as secure as using a 2x4 but it is the best you can do if you dont possess access to the attic. Once you have put the fan together according to the instructions, you are ready to deploy the fan to your light fixture. The tough part is positioning the fan, while joining the wiring. It will rely on the form of fan you have, quite a few come with a bracket with a J hook while others have a holding frame. Majority of fans have a chain to control the speed of the fan while the wall switch turns the device on or off. If you prefer a light kit together with your fan, they can be controlled by either chain or wall switch. Wiring the fan is as simple as connecting two black wires, two ground wires and two white wires. Now all you need to do is accomplish assembling the fan according to the instructions, by attaching the fan blades. When that is done, turn the breaker back on to see the results.

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