Do you use a room that could utilize a ceiling fan to cool it down? Setting up a ceiling fan is as simple as changing your current light fixture. Most of the cabling you need is already there so the only thing is to exchange the existing workbox with one that is made for the weight of a ceiling fan. It could be very deadly if you do not swap your current workbox to something that can handle the additional weight of the ceiling fan. Right before you perform anything, read the manuals for your fan very cautiously and make sure that you have the essential tools.(Check out Identical Article: Simply Click This)

If you are setting up the fan over a cathedral ceiling, you may need to acquire additional parts for extending the fan straight down lower. Whenever you have everything ready to go, the first thing you ought to do is make sure that the breaker is switched off so no power goes to the light fixture. When you eliminate the light fixture, check to see if the pre-existing workbox can hold the added weight. Almost all workboxes are not designed for ceiling fans, you will need extra support. You can do this quite easily if you are able to gain access to the light fixture from the attic. To increase support, you simply nail a 2x4 in between the ceiling rafters so it touches the top of the workbox. Ensure the 2x4 is secured in its place, and then screw the box to the wood. If everything is done correctly, the weight of the fan will now be fully supported by the wood and the screws. If you never have admittance to the attic, you will have to deploy metal cross bracing via the hole in your ceiling. Doing this is far more of a challenge and may not be as secure as using a 2x4 but it is the best you can do if you dont have access to the attic. At this point, after assembling the fan as stated by the instructions, you are ready to place any fan. The hard part is keeping the fan, while setting up the wiring. It depends upon the kind of fan you have, some come with a bracket with a J hook while others have a holding frame. Many fans, there will be a wall mount switch using a chain to regulate the speed of the fan. If you choose to also mount a light kit with the fan, both can be operated by either chain or wall switch. The next task is to go by the wiring instructions which are as simple as joining two white wires, two black wires and two ground wires. Now all you want to do is complete assembling the fan according to the instructions, by attaching the fan blades. After you connect the blades, the only thing left is to flip the breaker back on to find out if you did it right. The author of this article has also invested a lot of spare time writing a few other well written articles. In case you would also have a look at my other article on the subject of 18 gauge ear plugs, pay a visit to my site for additional information.

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